A Cup of Joy

I did a quick search in the thesaurus for the meaning of the word. Delight, happiness, cheerfulness are but a few of
the synonyms offered. I’ve pondered on these words and have concluded I don’t feel delight, happiness,
cheerfulness. I don’t feel any joy. You see, very soon, sooner than I’m ready, I have to say good-bye to Harmony
Village, the friends I’ve met here and gotten to know, and of course, Cupid Cat.

How do I say good-bye to Cupid Cat? Cupid Cat with the all-too-knowing look in his eyes? Cupid Cat with that flicker
of possessiveness darkening his eyes? Cupid Cat with the something surreal, magical, hypnotic lurking in the depths
of his blue eyes?

I feel a…reluctance…to let go. A sadness.

But then, I remembered, the work of Cupid Cat is never done. And I can’t stand between him and his next celestial
assignment. After all, there are many more client-couples he must lead down the aisle to marital bliss. I’ve been
blessed in having met Cat. And I have to admit he will always live in my heart. I will be able to pull out his memory
any time I want and be blessed all over again by him.

Guess what? I feel the joy.