A Matter of Faith
My absolute favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the vibrant colors, the decorations, the
excitement, the pulsing energy, the snow, the manger scene, the reading of that first
Christmas of two thousand years ago, the carols, the mistle toe, the family gatherings,
the turkey, and...the presents!

Children are always fun to watch as they tear off the wrapping paper to get to their
surprise. The glow in their eyes, the color on their cheeks, the oohs and ahhs on their
lips. As we get older, we sometimes lose the awe of Christmas. It's almost therapeautic
to observe the joy shining in the faces of these little ones as they gaze upon their presents.

So, it's not a real surprise to me that I wanted to set this story in the season of
Christmas. Nor is it a surprise that I wanted my hero, Krystian, to receive a present. I
love giving presents. I love to choose just the right present for each individual on my list.

Conservative Krystian likes presents, too. He just didn't figure on his present coming in
the form of...ultra-modern Arabella. There is no glow in his eyes. Only the flicker of
shock. There is no color on his cheeks. Only the pallor of shock. And on his lips? No
oohs and ahhs. <sigh>

But then again...this is a romance and it is the magical season of Christmas.

Hmm. I think I'll stick around to see if Krystian's present begins to grow on him.