Appointment With Destiny
A dear friend of mine, although divorced for years, still felt the devastation of the loss of a
life-partner, the death of marital trust, and the subsequent heavy load of single-parenting. Unable to
offer words of comfort and encouragement because I'd never had such a distressing experience, I
went to the local Christian bookstore in search of a non-fiction book offering the Biblical viewpoint
on divorce and remarriage and hope for the abandoned spouse.

I never did get a chance to share my findings with my hurting friend, but I did meet a new friend as
a result: my character, Tessa Kramer. This is the story of Tessa, a young woman who had the
proverbial rug pulled out from under her feet by the man who had promised to love her till death did
them part. Reeling from the betrayal and seared by a nasty divorce, she vows to never trust a man
again, and determinedly shows only a cool and aloof facade to each man she encounters.

Her journey back from a shattered heart to a healed one is set against the backdrop of one of my
most beloved haunts--the Texan Hill Country.

I've rustled up a heapin' portion of love. Come'n get it and share it with yer pardner.