Anna Dynowski
to encourage and entertain
Love Never Fails
Life is great for Kasia Jacubek. She’s
smart. She’s sassy. And she’s the sole
owner of her restaurant. Well, sort of. She
does have a silent partner. But the faceless
man appears uninterested in taking a hands-
on approach to their shared inheritance,
content with accepting his share of the
profits she mails to the lawyer. Everything
is going great, until…he shows up
unexpectedly to take over the culinary
reins. Why does he look familiar? And why
does her heart take a leap of joy?

Take heed! Guard your heart!

Sharpening his matchmaking claws, Cupid
Cat has his own ideas on the matter of the
heart: he intends to make sure the
restaurant’s silent partner isn’t so silent
with her.
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