Anna Dynowski
to encourage and entertain
Love Never Fails
It's a...A Matter of Faith.

Harmony Village, Ontario, isn't your average town. It
definitely isn't Toronto. No glittering lights. No classy
concert halls. No high-end boutique shops. Nothing.
Yet, with ticket sales for performances and CD sales
declining, ultra-modern pop singer, Arabella Bianchi,
ends up there--thanks to her agent, who sends her to
Harmony to "grow new fans in a different part of the

What this provincial town does have is a handsome,
single, and very conservative pastor, Krystian Jasicki,
who is unimpressed with the arrival of his "Christmas
present" with the rock-star haircut, funky clothes, and a
stud in her nose. He is even less enthusiastic with being
volunteered to help the lady grow her fan base. Sparks
fly. Personalities clash. And love is severely hampered.

Time is running out.

It looks like a job for...Cupid Cat, the rural community's
indomitable matchmaker. Will Krystian and Arabella fall
in with his plans to secure a happily-ever-after in time
for Christmas or will he have to bare his fangs to
achieve the desired results?
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