Anna Dynowski
to encourage and entertain
Love Never Fails
Alive, Santino Moretti was more interested
in his fast jetting life than in putting down
parental roots. When he died, he left the
Triple-M property, worth nearly $25
million, to his three sons, Micah, Marek,
and Matteo, each born of a different
marriage, and each unknown by the others.
But before any of them can inherit, each
must take consecutive turns living on the
farm for three months, then they must live
together for the final three months. Half-
brothers, unequivocal city boys, and
complete strangers, they face the biggest
challenge of their lives: to put aside their
bitterness and distrust and live like a kind
and caring family.

Suit-and-tie Matteo Moretti loves his fast-
paced corporate environment of big
demands, short deadlines, and non-stop
sensory overload. Not to mention the many
enjoyable perks of the job. What is there
not to love about his role as Chief
Operating Officer of one of the most
prestigious multinational organizations
headquartered in the nation’s capital?
Except perhaps his out-of-the-blue notice
of dismissal to make room for the boss’s
heir apparent. Battered and seething, he
decides to head to Willow Creek and the
Triple-M Farm to regroup. He’s got
connections. He’ll get another job. A more
lucrative job. But right now, he needs a
vacation. What he doesn’t need is working
the “family” farm with his “brothers.” Or
single mom Bianca Fielding, and her two
children, Cheyenne and Logan, always
underfoot. The trouble is, the more the
housekeeper and her little minions invade
his personal space and disrupt his vacation
of sorts, the more his idea of a new job
shoots in a new direction. A domesticated
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