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Love Never Fails
Alive, Santino Moretti was more interested in
his fast jetting life than in putting down
parental roots. When he died, he left the
Triple M property, worth nearly $25 million,
to his three sons, Micah, Marek, and Matteo,
each born of a different marriage, and each
unknown by the others. But before any of
them can inherit, each must take consecutive
turns living on the farm for three months,
then they must live together for the final
three months. Half-brothers, unequivocal city
boys, and complete strangers, they face the
biggest challenge of their lives: to put aside
their bitterness and distrust and live like a
kind and caring family.

Micah’s Jewel

A fast climb up the political ladder, fast red
sports cars, and fast sexy women make up
Micah Moretti’s world. He has it all. Respect
from his colleagues. Money in his bank
accounts. Women on his arms. And his
ambitious eyes on the most powerful position
in the country. The Prime Minister's seat is
within his grasp until a scandal pulls him
down and pushes him to Willow Creek,
Ontario and the Triple M Farm, a place
where he can slow down, lie low, and plot
his comeback. It doesn’t include working the
“family” farm with his “brothers.” Or
running straight into Sierra Rilstone, a
constituent in his riding, with deep ties to the
community, and the hometown girl who
stole his heart many years ago. Good thing
they have nothing in common now. Except
their undeniable attraction and her young
daughter, Savannah.
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