Anna Dynowski
to encourage and entertain
Love Never Fails
Prince Lorenzo, the reluctant prince, has
no interest in his title or inclination to carry
out his duties. Not likely to ever rule
Mondoverde, he has no desire to play at
royalty, dodging the royal commitments
with remarkable success. He’d much
rather play with his prized horses. A
champion thoroughbred racer with multiple
trophies, he’s surrounded by fans, mostly
female. But can he find a woman who will
compel him to dismount and take up his
royal duties, including marriage?

Freelance photojournalist Jana Landowski
is hired by a leading magazine to do a
special feature on Mondoverde’s equestrian
prince. The single mom’s mandate, the
editor informs her, is to show the world,
through her pictures, the prince who shuns
his royal status and not to become
infatuated with him like every other female
on the planet. No problem. She’s not a
fairytale kind of girl. And she’s not the
marrying kind either. So falling for the
prince won’t happen. After all, she’s not
princess material.
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