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Love Never Fails
Prince Stefano, Crown Prince of
Mondoverde, never shirks the
responsibilities attached to his privileged
position. Born to reign and trained from
birth, he accepts his life is not his own and
does not complain about his duties to the
House of Graziani, at least, not publically.
But now the pressure is on. He must wed
and produce the next heir to the throne.
But can he find a woman who is willing to
take him on, embrace the public life of a
princess, and produce the required heir?

Newspaper reporter Sofia Burska is big-
time ticked off with her editor. She asks to
cover real, gritty, soul-stirring news
events. He sends her to some never-before-
heard-of principality somewhere in the
Adriatic Sea to cover some never-before-
heard-of prince at some boring high
society shindig. She so does not care for
celebrity gossip, designer clothes, or
expensive champagne. But the prince is
real easy on the eyes. And the heart. Too
easy. She will have to evade her growing
feelings for him. After all, she’s not
princess material.
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