Anna Dynowski
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Love Never Fails
Appointment With Destiny
For I know the plans I have for you,
declares the Lord, plans to prosper you
and not harm you, plans to give you hope
and a future.
Jeremiah 28:11 NIV)
An excerpt from
Chapter One
Tessa blinked. The scene was straight out of a Hollywood movie set. With a smile edging the corner of her
mouth, she zig-zagged through the crowd to an empty table, and sat down. She scanned the room, but felt her
gaze inexplicably drawn back to the bar. Her breath caught, then released unsteadily.

He sat there watching her. He was attractive in a rough-edged, not-quite-tamed sort of way. His jeans molded
themselves to his lean, muscular body. His blue work shirt unbuttoned to reveal a red bandanna around his
throat. And on his head, casting his face in shadow, was the traditional white stetson. Mesmerized, she stared
back. He tilted the rim of his stetson to her before using his index finger to set the hat further back on his
head. Then he had the audacity to wink.

The insufferably, arrogant gesture. Just who did he think he was? Did every man on God's green earth, like
her ex-husband, believe he was the greatest thing since sliced bread? And that every woman would swoon at
his feet?

She bristled.

He smiled.

She caught her breath.

Tessa watched him saunter to her table, rewarding her with a lenthy look.

The tightening of her stomach muscles was unexpected. She was struck by a jab of awareness so sharp, it
stole her breath.

"Hey there, darlin'," he delivered with a cocky grin and an overabundance of male confidence.

Had she not been held hostage by those cactus-green eyes, Tessa would have bestowed on him a dark and
surly retort that would have the best of them scrambling for cover. But she found herself reeling under the
hypnotic spell of his eyes. They were rich. Animated. Spirited.
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