Anna Dynowski
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Love Never Fails
Delight yourself in the Lord and He
will give you the desires ofyour heart.
Psalm 37:4 (NIV)
A Pocketful of Hope

An excerpt from

Chapter One
 Pinning the heavens with a hard, unyielding gaze, she searched them for some sign He would pick up the phone when she
dialed Him.
 The storm still swirled around her, rocking the car from side to side. If this was an answer, it did not bode well for her,
she thought, feeling hysteria creep its way up her back.
 “I know You and I haven’t been exactly pals lately,” she began, her voice high and tinged with the onset of fresh panic
and she gripped the steering wheel, “but I would sure appreciate You picking up the phone on Your end.”
 She listened. Silence surrounded her, except for the wind rattling her windows.
 “Look, I know I sound disrespectful, irreverent…but I’m really having a crisis here. In more ways than one,” she added,
releasing the steering wheel to clasp her cold hands, and took in a couple of calming breaths. “I know I walked away from
my vows, but please don’t walk away from me. I need You to help me. With my car problem. And my faith,” she finished
on a whisper.
 The wind must have knocked down the telephone wires.
 There was no audible Voice, no soft impression.
 Peace did not flow over her mind, joy did not bubble in her spirit.
 Kerry was still alone, in the middle of nowhere, in the center of a furious squall, with a disabled rental car.
 She pushed back the cuff of her coat and looked at her watch, angling it to better make out the numbers, and pulled the
inside of her lip through her teeth. A quarter to five.
 She glanced out her driver-side window. The storm was not abating. The darkness of evening was descending fast. The
strategy to get her out of her predicament had not manifested itself.
 Be still and know that I am God.
 The words of the hymn floated into her brain and she began to sing the words over and over and over in her mind to
maintain a grip on her slipping control. On her eighth time through, her eyes were drawn to the rear view mirror and she
saw the reflection of headlights in the distance.
 A vehicle.
 Oh, please, please stop.
 She wanted to jump out and flag down the car, but decided it was too risky with nighttime falling and her dark clothing
and challenging weather. So she remained seated behind the wheel, her body twisted so she could look out the back
window, and hoped the blinking hazard lights would compel the driver to pull behind her and offer help.
 They did.
 Oh, Thank God.
 She watched the red tow truck come along side her and stop. She watched the driver glance at her with a quizzical
expression, then at the highway behind him. She watched him lean over, roll down the passenger window, and give her a
heart-stopping, lopsided smile.
 And something—what, exactly, Kerry did not know—pulled wire-tight inside her.
Excerpted from A Pocketful of Hope by Anna Dynowski                                           Copyright 2010 by Anna Dynowski
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