For Better, For Worse, Forever
This was a difficult book to write. I couldn't plot it. Couldn't outline it. Couldn't come up with a title.
Or a governing scripture. Never have I prayed as much over a story as I did with this one. All I had
was a premise: a couple separate because she wants a baby; he doesn't; an accident reunites the
couple, but...he has amnesia and doesn't remember not wanting kids.

Speak about having writer's block! But at the beginning of the book? Hmm.

I began to wonder if my inability to write this story had its root in a deeper, personal reason. My
husband and I, although happily married for over twenty years, don't have children. Not because we
didn't want them but because we were never so blessed. I had thought I had long ago accepted God's
answer of
No to my prayer for babies and had come to terms with it, but what if...? What if my
longing for motherhood was still lying intact, just beneath the surface, ready to pulsate into a rhythm
of life, demanding acknowledgment? What if it had only been beat into a dormant state but not

Another trip to the Christian bookstore, this time in search of a book entitled "When I Lay My Isaac
Down" and a slow and prayful process of self-examination began, revealing what I needed to know:
yes, I had laid down my desire for children; I just needed to tap into the intense, agonizing emotions so
I could do justice to my heroine, Catharine Taylor.

Yes, this was a difficult book to write. But it is also the book of my heart because it was so difficult,
so painful.