Full-Time Wife
I find the little, semi-rural town of Paradiso, population 200, enchanting, charming. Addictive. I
appear to have a problem picking up my pens, pad, and computer, and...leaving. I guess living
as I do, in Canada's largest city, Toronto, with a population of over three million, may have
something to do with it. But this fictional town on the northern shores of Lake Ontario draws
me to it and holds me in a tight grip just as Tara is drawn to it and...stays.

Of course, she has the added incentive of Paradiso's most handsome and--eligible--man in blue
making his home there. He's tall, dark, good-looking, and...her ex-husband.

I love the character, Luke. He's attractive as much in uniform as in jeans. He's got a wonderful
sense of humor. And no matter he's scared witless with the reappearance of his ex-wife, he
behaves in true hero-like form.

Maybe I'll stay awhile longer.