Full Circle
A dream is just a dream, right? Well...

Every night, like clockwork, I had the same dream. For years! Same characters. Same scene. Same
dialogue. A woman returns to her hometown after an absence of almost twenty years and comes
face-to-face with the man who had betrayed her young heart--the reason for her hasty departure two
decades earlier--and his now nineteen-year-old son--the manifestation of that betrayal.

With the REPLAY button seemingly set on auto, I began to wonder, if this recurring dream didn't have
some significant meaning for me, like, maybe I needed some psychiatric help?

Imagine how relieved I was, when, years later, after deciding to write Inspirational Romance fiction, I
used this scene in
Full Circle and, ta-dah!, the dream ceased.

By the way, I did make some minor alterations to this scene. Because I didn't know any
nineteen-year-old men to model my chararcter on, I changed him to a nine-year-old girl, using my niece
as an example, and consequently, I replaced the twenty year absence with a ten year one.

Ah! The power of dreams! The stuff that stories are birthed from.