Full House
When I began to write Full Circle, I had no idea that I would revisit the little, fictional town of
Paradiso, Ontario with a follow-up story. When my young niece suggested a sequel would be
welcomed by readers, I gave it serious consideration. Warming to the idea, I decided a minor character
Full Circle, Samantha Jones, a fiery redhead, would star in her own story.

A funny thing happened when I began to write.

An extremely tiny, tiny, character of
Full Circle, Matt Paladini, demanded, in his very authoritative,
very commanding, Ontario Provincial Police voice, that it is
his story that must be told. Now!

Well, I thought it prudent to not argue with a cop. I had no desire then, and I have none now, to be
arrested by Officer Matt, hauled down to the police station, and to discover for myself, just how, um,
comfortable, the accomodation really is.

Sorry, Sam. Maybe next time.