Looking For Love
About a three and a half hour drive north of Toronto is God's country. Or at least, that's how I
see it. The area is more commonly known as Muskoka--where luxurious verdant forest meets
bountiful cerulean water. My husband, who'd grown up camping in these parts, introduced me to
this special corner of the world when we first married, and we've been hiking in the trails here
ever since.

There's something...awesome...inspiring when surrounded by the majesty of nature and the
friendliest people on earth. And the icing on the cake? The region is home to a spectacular
restaurant featuring Louisiana cuisine. Just thinking about the New Orleans cooking--and the chili
peppers--makes my taste buds quiver in appreciation and anticipation.

It was a given I'd fall in love with this locale.

It was also a given, my fictional town, Harmony, would be situated here.

Harmony boasts a slower pace of life, where everyone knows and cares for everyone, where
doors are left unlocked, where the population barely crests over 2500.

Ah. I think I'll grab a coffee, put my feet up, and visit awhile.