Matteo's Treasure
I’m a city girl, through and through, having been born and raised in Toronto, Canada’s largest city. I admit I love the
amenities that come from living in the city. I mean, who could snub flushing toilets, running hot showers, the convenience of
cars, the accessibility of multiple stores close by, the ease and variety of entertainment, etc. etc. etc.? On the other hand, I’m
not overly fond of the lack of privacy that comes from neighbors living practically on top of me. Or of people who insist on
parking their cars on the road, in front of my house, and blocking my driveway. Or others who leave their empty take-out
coffee cups on their verandas, instead of tossing them in their garbage cans, and lo and behold, the wind blows, and guess
where those empty cups come? You guessed it. My front yard. And I have to pick them up and dispose of somebody else’s
garbage. Argh! Sometimes, life in the city can be very…challenging. Perhaps that’s why I dream of living somewhere in the
peaceful, quiet country, surrounded by rugged land and a profusion of trees, perhaps a gurgling creek or a still pond, and
everything topped with the wide expanse of blue sky. I could adapt. Sure I could. But my hero, Matteo, is definitely not so
enthused with country living, or more specifically, cowboying on a cattle farm. He keeps insisting he’s a city boy, a career
executive, who loves his designer clothes and his $90,000 Audi. But does anybody listen to him? No. And against his will, he
finds himself…re-modeled. Instead of his tailor-made power suits and Prada shoes, he’s given jeans, a western shirt, and a
cowboy hat and boots. Instead of his dependable, trustworthy silver car, his mode of transportation is now a black horse with
a devil-of-a-gleam in his dark eyes. Matteo so has a bad feeling about this. A real bad feeling. He keeps telling everybody, but
does anyone listen to him? No. Will he survive life on the Triple-M, especially when the housekeeper and her two little minions
invade his personal space and disrupt his life? Why don’t you come along for the ride and see for yourself?