Anna Dynowski
to encourage and entertain
Love Never Fails
Misha's Meow Massage
Meow! Hi! I'm Misha. And welcome to Misha's Meow Massage. Here,
my meow will massage your heart. This world's a tough place to live in.
I know. I was once an outdoor stray.  For the first four months of my
life, I had to forage for food and scavenge for shelter. Then, miracle of
miracles, I set my hazel eyes on my new mom and dad and went home
with them. Now, it's mouth-watering meals of salmon and tuna and a
super comfortable bed (Mom and Dad's, of course!) to sleep on.
Meow! I have my heart massaged by them so I would like to massage
yours. Y'know. Give back to society. And, meow, make new friends, at
the same time.
Misha, the Kitchen Manager
So, all you pets out there in cyberspace, come join me on my home on the web. Cats. Dogs. Hampsters.
Fish. (Especially fish!) Birds. (Oh, yeah, definitely birds!) Ferrets. Horses. Frogs. Everyone is welcome.
All you have to do is submit a picture of yourself as an email attachment to my Mom at Include your name and a caption for the picture. Then, when my Mom displays
it here on
Misha's Meow Massage for everyone to admire, you get to be famous and have your hearts
massaged. Your pictures will be for the enjoyment of all the visitors to my home on the net and they'll have
their hearts massaged, too. And me? Well, did I mention I get to make new friends, especially birds and
fish? Meow!! I was
How was work today?
Hey! We never moved from this
spot. We don't know how the
toilet paper got unrolled.
    --Faith, Hope & Charity
What a day! I need to soak
in the tub for awhile to
Yea, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death, I
will fear no evil. Psalm 23:4
I've gotta cut back on
the caffeine.
What matters most
is how you see
See no evil, hear no evil,
speak no evil.
Whew! What a week this has
       --Misty and Maggie
An apple a day, keeps
the doctor away.
Wait for the signal, then we'll
make a run for it.
--Cleo and Chloe
When you wake up, you
won't want to eat me.
U. Will. Poke. Me. For. The.
Last. Time.
The picture of innocence.
Someone should remind the cat what
a tree looks like.
Humans are a peculiar kind.
Pee-a-boo. I see you. What a cat
has to do to keep a kid entertained.
I'm on Kitchen Detail. And I made
these all by myself. Not bad, hunh?
Phew! What a day.
Please, God, give me...
Ah! Now this I call comfort.
You're my hero!
Don't worry, Big Boy, I got you covered.
Aw. Shucks. It was nothing.
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