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Love Never Fails
"If you ever have been a prisoner of hate because of something someone has done or said to you, or if you know of someone
who has, then,
A Pocketful of Hope, is a must read for you. When you have been victimized and become a prisoner of
someone else's evil heart, how do you live with yourself? How do you ever learn to love and forgive again? When evil robs
you of any connectedness to God, can you find  your way back to him? Let,
A Pocketful of Hope, guide you back to love,
back to hope, back to God. This is a book you will not want to put down once you pick it up."
--Pastor Jim Hughes, author of
C Through Marriage, Revitalizing Your Vows

"I just finished reading A Pocketful of Hope. Thank you for giving to the world a much needed lesson on how to live again
once one's very life had been sucked out of them. Your novel is sure to minister to someone's heart who is desperate for
love, grace, and forgiveness. I enjoyed it greatly. You have done a wonderful job of offering people help and hope in the most
difficult of circumstances of life."
--Reader email

"This was an excellent story! I truly could not put down the book and was totally living in Harmony Village the whole time I
was reading. This author tackled some very difficult subjects such as child molestation, anger, revenge, disillusionment and
forgiveness. She also brought out the need for total reliance on God. Those subjects were all wrapped up in a story that was
fun, romantic and truly inspiring. I especially loved "Cupid Cat." What a fun element in the story. Janek was a wonderfully
flawed hero. I truly felt his pain and struggles. Kerry was a fun heroine. I loved her sense of humor and how she was such a
free spirited girl. I enjoyed meeting the folks in Harmony and though this was Book 3 in the series, Ididn't feel lost at all. It did
however, make me want to go back and read the first two books (and everything else by this author!)
A Pocketful of Hope
comes highly recommended by this reader! By the sounds of it I think we'll be seeing a Book 4 in the future. (I hope so!!!)
5 Ticket rating
--Sherry Kuhn, Love 2 Read Novels.

"Thank you so much for allowing me to read such a beautiful and inspiring story. It was an absolute joy to read...I'm ready to
get the first two books in the Harmony series now and hear their stories..."
--Reader email

"I really hope that
A Pocketful of Hope will get a broad  readership. It really brings the love of Christ down to earth and into
the lives of real people."
--Reader email

"This was a wonderful book...It touches on the issues of child molestation which can have an adverse affect on relationships
when the child enters adulthood. However Dynowski handled it beautifully. Her characters find out that with God,
forgiveness can happen and healing can begin. As I read this book I thought back years ago to my divorce. I wanted revenge
for the years of cheating. It really hampered my relationship with God. I realized when I let God handle things and began to
pray for my ex-husband the healing and forgiveness could begin. Not only was I able to forgive, but God brought a
wonderful man into my life and the life of my children. All we need is a pocketful of hope and God will do the rest.
After reading this book I visited the authors website. I was able to read excerpts of her other books. I can't wait to read them
as well. I am not one who likes mushy, gushy romances and that is why I think I like these. They aren't all mushy, gushy. I
can't wait to recommend her books to my friends who read romance." 4 Stars
--Sandra K. Stiles, The Musings of a Book Addict
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