Anna Dynowski
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Love Never Fails
"There is a strong religious theme in this story as it is an inspirational romance. But all the
ingredients of a hot romance are still very much part of this story...I do like how the author
created her characters. They are religious people yet they are very much human beings with
problems and feelings that they have to work through...but they are not pious people who are
afraid to face life's challenges or to make mistakes and to learn from them...I really enjoyed this
book. It is entertaining and the passion that simmers between C.J. and Tessa is very hot indeed. A
very good read with an interesting plot and plenty of love interest." 5 Roses rating
                                                                                      --Mary from A Romance Review

"This was a great book. Finally something a little different in the field of inspirational romance. Of
all the books I have read have the characters asking why something bad happened to them. I was
happy to see a book that asked is there something wrong with me that I do not have what others
do? This was just the kind of thing that I ask myself when things happen. So I think this book is
something I related better to and I think that you will too. There is a happy ending so read this
book." 4 Cups rating.
                                                                                  --Mary E. of Coffee Time Romance

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Appointment With Destiny as "What's Hot To Read."

"This was a story I could not put down. This author knows how to write with such human
emotions that your heart grows weak. She is not afraid to put her characters through very
difficult and emotional situations. You could feel Tessa's pain when Karl spoke the cruel and
hurtful words to her. You could understand why she had the 'ice cube' reputation. She didn't want
to be hurt again. C.J. Tremaine was such a great hero. He had his moments that weren't so great
but his love and character shined through as he let God grow him. One thing that I really
appreciate about Anna's work is the way she weaves Scripture throughout her stories. That's not
to say that her characters aren't realistic. They are. They struggle with the same issues we do but
she always brings it around to the message that we must Trust the Lord because of who He is. If
you enjoy cowboy stories that are packed with emotion and a good spiritual message I highly
Appointment with Destiny. Great Job Anna!" 4.5 Ticket rating
--Sherry Kuhn, from Love 2 Read Novels

"Just finished reading
Appointment with Destiny.  Wow!  I LOVE the way you write!  I have an
order sheet made out that I am going to try to get in the mail tomorrow.  :)  I'm hooked!"
--Reader email
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