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Love Never Fails
"*****The best one yet. Everyone will love this one—Christians, readers, and writers alike!"
--Arline Chase, author of
Ghost Dancer, Killraven, and the Spirit series.

"Another wonderful installment to the Harmony Village series. This story dealt with some very serious issues but all from a
Biblical perspective. Premarital sex, pregnancy, adoption, love, marriage and death were all a part of our tale. However, there
were enough splashes of humor and fun to keep the story going. I really liked the fact that Connor and Krysia were not
perfect but were trying to honor God in the way they behaved. God has a high-standard and expects His children to follow it.
But He's also willing to forgive you of your mistakes as far as the east is from the west. Cupid Cat is always great with his
uncanny match-making ability. You also get to see all the other Harmony Village residents that you've come to know in the
previous books. The end of the book leaves you with Cupid Cats next victim...ahem client!!! Looking forward to that one!  If
you have enjoyed the other Harmony Village stories then you'll want to pick up this next installment. The Write Honor is book
five in the series and one you could read as a stand alone but reading the previous books allows you see the history of the
Cat's previous clients. (Looking for Love #1, A Matter of Faith #2, A Pocketful of Hope #3, On Wings of Trust #4 and The
Write Honor #5)." 4.5 Tickets Rating
--Sherry Kuhn, love2readnovels.blogspot

"You know I can't resist Cupid Cat."
--Reader email

"I finished
Write Honor and thought it was great! It's alway a pleasure to visit Harmony Village."
--Reader email
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