Anna Dynowski
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Love Never Fails
“CHRISTIAN ROMANCE at its finest. In the third of her Royal Hearts of Mondoverde Series, Anna Dynowski has
given her many fans a fairy-tale Prince, a single-mother with “sizzle,” that arrives with a 5-year-old daughter who
will steal your heart. Beautifully done.”
— Arline Chase, author of the Spirit Series.

"I have fallen in love with Mondoverde and its royal family.  Each book has been a royal treasure to read and that
includes this latest installment.  I love the family and most especially the parents, so wise yet down-to-earth.  It was
fun getting to know Prince Lorenzo better.  He’s really a great guy who was dealing with hurt he had been harboring.  
Jana experienced some big hurts growing up that caused her to make bad choices that changed her life forever.  
Watching these two deal with all their feelings and emotions was encouraging.  I appreciated that although they had
faith, they still questioned what the Lord might be doing. Don’t we do that too?  To me, that made these characters
very realistic.  Also the fact that just because you’re royal and have everything you want, doesn’t mean you’re happy.  
This is a fun story but it also dealt with some very serious and relatable subjects like self-doubt, drinking, forgiveness
and trusting the Lord, just to name a few.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good adult
fairytale with a few life lessons thrown in.  Each of the stories in this series can be read as a stand alone but I think its
best enjoyed if you read them in the order they were written.  So…are you looking for a summer get-away?  Why not
visit Mondoverde and check out what the royal family is up to?

Some favorite quotes:

She genuinely didn’t think she had it in her to love anyone.  Just look at her parents.  What a fiasco their marriage
turned out to be.  Just look at her own past.  One mistake carry long-term consequences.  Some things, like, maybe,
screwing up one’s life, though completely forgiven by God, would not be so easily overlooked by…others.

He [Lorenzo] made a commitment, there and then, to pray for God to raise His right hand of healing toward her [Jana]
and pour down upon her pain His healing and restoring balm.  And heal her memories.  All of the ugly, hateful
memories.  God did not design their physical bodies to live with anger or bitterness or resentment.

“We sizzle when we are together.  We always have.”  “Sizzle.”  Jana snorted the word.  “Sizzle means nothing.”  “Tell
that to God.”  Incredulity crossed her countenance.  “Excuse me?”  “Cara mia,” Lorenzo began, trying to tamp down
his growing alarm.  Would she be snatched from him again?  Never!  “Allow me to explain.”  “Please do,”  Jana
invited him, a dry note to her tone.  “The Almighty, He created sizzle.”
5 Ticket Rating,
--Sherry Kuhn, Love 2 Read Novels

“I have thoroughly enjoyed all your books but I really think this is your best series yet!   Good plots, great romantic
tension and good life lessons!   I appreciate your work and your continued commitment to writing God-honoring
stories. I am SO looking forward to reading Max's story.  I will be so sad to see this series end!  I have really come to
love Mondoverde and its royal family!”
-- Reader email
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