Anna Dynowski
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Love Never Fails
"The Royal Hearts series begins conflict and romance. The Crown Prince must marry and produce an heir. As always Anna
Dynowski weaves a compelling story that revolves around love with a Christian theme. A great read."
-- Editor, Write Words, Inc.

"Beautiful. Anna Dynowski embarks on another great series of Christian romances this time involving the royal family of the
tiny Principality of Mondoverde. Canadian reporter Sofia Burska is ticked-off with her assignment to interview the Crown
Prince, until he turns on the charm with surprising results. She can't be falling for him. She's not 'princess material.'
Dynowski's excellent writing and tricky plots makes this one a great success and it's only the first of four. I can't wait for
--Arline Chase, author of
Killraven, Ghost Dancer and The Spirit series

"I loved this story with its charming characters and fairytale type storyline. You’ll find yourself quickly immersed in the lives
of Sofia and Stefano. Stefano is a swoon-worthy hero. Strong, gentle, romantic—all the things you want in a hero. Sofia was
down-to-earth with a genuine sweetness about her that just made you want to be her friend. The romantic tension between
them absolutely sizzled, which I loved! You will love the ending and find yourself longing for the next installment. Really this
story would make a great Hallmark movie. If you enjoy a good romance, one that will carry you away from chores you really
don’t want to do anyway, then I would highly recommend a trip to Mondoverde. I enjoyed my visit and can’t wait to go
5 Ticket Rating
--Sherry Kuhn, Reviewer for Love 2 Read Novels

“Just writing to let you know I finished Wanted: Royal Princess Wife and Mother. Wow, I loved it! I think maybe it’s your
best yet. I really enjoyed the whole fairy-tale feel and loved the great romantic tension and dialogue between Sofia and
Stefano. It was an outstanding story and I can’t wait to go back to Mondoverde.”
--Reader E-mail
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