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LOVE NEVER FAILS Newsletter Summer, 2016
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Dear Friends:
Spring, summer, autumn, or winter, every season has its
own beauty and offers its own brand of blessings. Spring
inspires with new life. Summer relaxes with sultry heat.
Autumn dazzles with spectacular color. Winter charms with
the blanket of snow. And any season is a reading season—
Until we visit again,
Love Never
(I Corinthians 13:8 NIV

God Bless!
Love & Prayers
a great time to catch up on the adventures of your favorite heroes and heroines. I invite you to take a trip to the
Principality of Mondoverde, where my new series,
The Royal Hearts of Mondoverde, takes place. Mondoverde is
reputed to be the land of love.

Set in the Adriatic Sea, the micronation of Mondoverde was founded as a sovereign Principality when Italian farmer
Giovanni Graziano declared independence, using International Law to proclaim the island was
res derelicta (abandoned
property) and
terra nullius (land belonging to no one), and claimed it as his own land. He promptly styled himself as His
Serene Highness, thus creating a constitutional, hereditary monarchy. Il Castello di Bellaterra (Bellaterra Castle) is home
to the ruling prince and the royal family. And four delicious descendants, all with killer-blue eyes. Prince Stefano. Prince
Cristiano. Prince Lorenzo. And Prince Maximillian.

The Royal Hearts of Mondoverde series follows each sexy prince as each man searches for his princess—the queen of
his heart, and his struggles in convincing his forever love she is, despite her personal opinion, definitely princess
material. Will love prevail? By royal invitation, your presence is requested at their weddings.

Wanted: Royal Princess Wife and Mother, Book 1, is now available.


Prince Stefano, Crown Prince of Mondoverde, never shirks the responsibilities attached to his privileged position. Born
to reign and trained from birth, he accepts his life is not his own and does not complain about his duties to the House of
Graziani, at least not publically. But now the pressure is on. He must wed and produce the next heir to the throne. But
can he find a woman who is willing to take him on, embrace the public life of a princess, and produce the required heir?

Wanted: Royal Princess of Convenience, Book 2, is now available.

Prince Cristiano, the “spare” prince, does not carry the firstborn’s pressure of the HSH title and legacy that goes with
it, but he still works diligently in the Cabinet of the Prince as the Minister of Finance, Tourism and Sports while
maintaining a tireless schedule of royal social appearances. Tall, dark, handsome, and a prince, he’s considered by the
female population of Mondoverde to be quite the catch. But can he find a woman who doesn’t care about his title or
position and appreciate the man underneath?

Wanted: Royal Princess Miracle Bride, Book 3, is now available.

Prince Lorenzo, the reluctant prince, has no interest in his title or inclination to carry out his duties. Not likely to ever
rule Mondoverde, he has no desire to play at royalty, dodging the royal commitments with remarkable success. He'd
much rather play with his prized horses. A champion thoroughbred racer with multiple trophies, he's surrounded by fans,
mostly female. But can he find a woman who will compel him to dismount and take up his royal duties, including

Wanted: Royal Princess Shock and Awe, Book 4, available soon.

Prince Maximillian, the playboy prince, is having way too much fun with the ladies, young and old and everything in
between, to keep his name clean. Incorrigible, he’s been synonymous with scandalous headlines since he turned sixteen.
While his laughing eyes, smooth talk, and charming manner make him the darling of Mondoverde, or at least, with the
female population, the Graziano royal family despairs of him ever settling down. But can he find a woman who will rein
in his wild streak and fix his princely image?

I so thoroughly enjoyed writing Stefano’s, Cristiano's, Lorenzo's, and Maximillian's love story. By royal invitation, you
are invited to visit the enchanting island of
Mondoverde, the land of forever love, and witness it cast its amore on four
delicious princes with killer blue eyes.
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