The Write Honor
Growing up, I didn’t have the pleasure and privilege of owning pets. Probably, in part, because my parents
grew up in rural, lowly Italy where livestock was a food necessity and they, the children, were required to
perform a lot of the physical work related to the animals, and therefore, remembering their hardships, they
decreed, however silently but unanimously, animals, even cats or dogs, were not welcome inside own home.
And in part, because one of my brothers suffered from allergies and asthma and therefore, my mom was
extremely committed to ensure anything contributing to the flare up of his allergy was kept to a bare minimum
if it could not be totally wiped out.

Henry, my husband, had the bliss and blessing of growing up with dogs who were his faithful and loyal
companions. But it wasn’t a dog he brought into our married lives. It was cats. And strays, at that. Both Kiko
and Misha began their lives as abandoned and impoverished waifs and when rescued by Henry and brought
home, they did the rags to riches with relish. They did something else with relish, too: they pawed their way
into my heart.

So it was a given animals would pop into my stories, but I never expected Cupid Cat to steal the show and
meow his way into character prominence. With the flicker of possessiveness darkening his celestial blue eyes,
with something surreal, magical, hypnotic lurking in those eyes, I was sunk and taken hostage. And I don’t
want any trained negotiator to deliver me to freedom. I’m in love with Cupid Cat and I want to stay with him.
But I warn you. One look, even a hasty glimpse into his mysterious, uncanny eyes, and you’re his for the