Wanted: Royal Princess Miracle Bride
Did you know castles were built to withstand enemy attacks? Moats reduced the risk of tunneling under the castle.
Drawbridges could be drawn up, preventing access across the moats. The main gate or door to the castle was a thick, iron-
studded wooden door that was tough to break through. A spiked wooden or metal barrier helped protect the doors from blaze
and battering. The walls were built very high, making it difficult for attackers to climb. Tall gate towers allowed defenders to
shoot down in safety on the raids below. Round towers were less vulnerable to collapse by the enemies. Tall curtain walls
encircled the castle buildings like a solid shield. Yes, castle builders added many defensive features to ensure their castles
withstood any assault.

But, beneath the harsh realities lay the magical romance. Palaces and princes. Pomp and pageantry. Diamonds and dreams.
Luxury and love. I’m an incurable romantic and I love castles. And princes. J And I love Bellaterra Castle in the Principality of

Set in the Adriatic Sea, the micronation of Mondoverde was founded as a sovereign Principality, following the June, 1946
referendum when the Italian people voted to abolish the monarchy in favor of a democratic government. Italian farmer
Giovanni Graziano, of the Abruzzo region, disillusioned with the politics of the republic, uprooted his young family, and left
his hometown of L’Aquila after discovering an island. Declaring independence, he used International Law to proclaim the
island was
res derelicta (abandoned property) and terra nullius (land belonging to no one), and claimed it as his own land. He
promptly styled himself His Serene Highness, thus creating a constitutional, hereditary monarchy. Il Castello di Bellaterra
(Bellaterra Castle) is home to the ruling prince and the royal family. And four delicious descendants, all with killer-blue eyes.
Prince Stefano. Prince Cristiano. Prince Lorenzo. And Prince Maximillian.

But, it’s Prince Lorenzo who’s stirring hearts this time. Sexily scruffy, he’s managed to steer clear of the female race, not
because women aren’t interested in him, but because he prefers it this way. The brooding prince has neither time nor
inclination for romance. Or so he thinks. Enter one infuriating and female photojournalist and he’s wishing for that moat. Will
the third of the four Graziano brothers come under the magic of love and walk down the royal aisle?

By royal invitation, your presence is requested at the wedding of Prince Lorenzo to his princess, Jana Landowski.
Essential Facts:
 Lorenzo Graziano
Age: 24
Height: 6'
Hair: dark brown, kind of scruffy
Eyes: sensual blue

Lorenzo Graziano, the dark-haired, blue-eyed,
scruffily-sexy prince, manages to dodge ninety-
nine percent of the royal duties by disappearing
into his prized stables. The brooding prince is
more at ease atop his champion horse, hurtling
across the countryside in thoroughbred races
and winning multiple trophies, than in being the
handsome face of royalty at a myriad of social
commitments. It’s his lifelong misfortune, it
seems, he can’t out-gallop the memory. The
memory of one freckle-faced girl with hair the
color of strawberries.
Essential Facts:
Jana Landowski
Age: 23
Height: 5'2"
Hair: shoulder-length strawberry red, freckles
Eyes: green

Jana Landowski, is the award-winning
photojournalist assigned to travel to the
enchanting island of Mondoverde and snap
pictures of the elusive prince. The single mom
has never heard of the Principality of
Mondoverde. Nor of Prince Lorenzo Graziano.
Neither will have a bearing on her work. She
may be young, but she’s brilliant at her job. What
will have a bearing is the little annoying fact
Prince Lorenzo turns out to be an old school
acquaintance by the name of John. John’s a
prince? He’s lied about his identity and he’s a
prince? It makes no difference. She’s not
princess material anyway.
                                                               House of Graziani
                                                                       of the
                                                         Principality of Mondoverde

Founded        1946

       Prince Giovanni Carmine Graziano (1911 – 1991)

         Maria Elena (Milana) Fortunato (m 1936)

      Stefano I Amadeo Filiberto Giovanni Graziano (1937 - )
       Daniela Maria (1939 - )
       Giorgio Tomaso (1941 - )

Successor to Giovanni
              Prince Stefano I Amadeo Filiberto Giovanni Graziano
                                  Spouse          Alessia Alba Rosario (m 1962)
                                  Children        Alessandro Constantino Tadeo Stefano Graziano (1962 - )
                                                      Milana Giorgina (1965 - )

Successor to Stefano I
              Prince Alessandro Constantino Taddeo Stefano Graziano
                                  Spouse          Cristina Vittoria Fiorenza (m 1987)
                                  Children        Stefano II Alberto Emmanuele Alessandro Graziano (1988 - )
                                                      Cristiano Giuseppe Isaia Carmine (1990 - )
                                                      Lorenzo Giovanni Amadeo Filipo (1992 - )
                                                      Maximillian Davide Timoteo Leopoldo (1994 - )

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