Wanted: Royal Princess of Convenience
It's a tradition.

Every prince of the royal House of Graziani gives his princess a rose. Not just any rose. He gives her a purple rose. Why purple?

The purple rose is a unique and extraordinary flower, growing in popularity, and possessing a wealth of symbolism. With its
elegant color and amazing fragrance, it has captured the hearts of millions of people and become a favorite among rose lovers.
Some even say this rare and stunning flower is as romantic as the red rose that has always been associated with love and

If the red rose symbolizes the emotion of love, what does the purple rose symbolize?

The purple rose meaning differs significantly based on actual color and different shades, but the primary meaning is
enchantment. Falling in love at the very first sight. Just like Cinderella’s Prince Charming.

Yes, the color purple has been associated with royalty, depicting elegance and dignity, majesty and splendor, wonder and
grandeur. The purple rose is all this and so much more. A lavender rose expresses love at first sight, an enchanting love, a
charming love, a magical love. The deep purple rose reveals enduring love, the deep-rooted, long-term love, the intimate love that
stays true and lasts forever.

Every prince of the Principality of Mondoverde gives his royal sweetheart a purple rose because he has found himself enchanted
by her from their very first meeting and has fallen head-over-heels in love with her, just like Prince Charming did with
Cinderella. And just like Prince Charming, every Mondoverduvian prince feels a deep fascination, attraction, and charm toward
his princess, and finds her delightful and irresistible and mysterious, which the purple rose seeks to convey. Like the magnificent
purple rose, his princess is beautiful, special, unique. And he must have her, the desire of his heart.

Every royal prince gives his royal princess a single purple rose, not just to show her she is as beautiful and special to him as the
graceful flower, not just to express his deepest love and admiration for her, but to affirm, in a romantic way, she is his forever

The magic of love is in the Mondoverduvian air and hovering over Prince Cristiano, the second of the four Graziano brothers to
walk down the royal aisle.

By royal invitation, your presence is requested at the wedding of Prince Cristiano to his princess, Ciara Janicki.
Essential Facts:
Ciara Janicki
Age: 25
Height: 5'5''
Hair: blue-black, chin-length, bangs swept
     to the left
Eyes: ice-blue

Ciara Janicki is a public relations consultant
appointed to work closely with the palace to
promote Mondoverde as the perfect place to
spend tourist dollars and the ideal place to
invest business. No problem. She's good at
what she does. The problem lies in the
handsome prince with whom she's to work.
And her skittering heart. And his proposal of a
marriage of convenience. No way. After all,
she's not princess material.
Essential Facts:
Cristiano Graziano
Age: 25
Height: 6'
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: seductive blue

Cristiano Graziano, the tall, dark, handsome,
and "spare" prince, works diligently in the
Cabinet of the Prince as the Minister of Finance,
Tourism, and Sports, and is profoundly weary
of being considered by the female population of
Mondoverde to be quite the catch. He's also...
restless, disillusioned, and bordering on the
cynical. Can he find a woman who doesn't care
about his title or position and appreciate the man
                                                                     House of Graziani
                                                                             of the
                                                               Principality of Mondoverde

Founded        1946

       Prince Giovanni Carmine Graziano (1911 – 1991)

         Maria Elena (Milana) Fortunato (m 1936)

      Stefano I Amadeo Filiberto Giovanni Graziano (1937 - )
             Daniela Maria (1939 - )
             Giorgio Tomaso (1941 - )

Successor to Giovanni
              Prince Stefano I Amadeo Filiberto Giovanni Graziano
                                        Spouse          Alessia Alba Rosario (m 1962)
                                        Children        Alessandro Constantino Tadeo Stefano Graziano (1962 - )
                                                            Milana Giorgina (1965 - )

Successor to Stefano I
              Prince Alessandro Constantino Taddeo Stefano Graziano
                                        Spouse          Cristina Vittoria Fiorenza (m 1987)
                                        Children        Stefano II Alberto Emmanuele Alessandro Graziano (1988 - )
                                                            Cristiano Giuseppe Isaia Carmine (1990 - )
                                                            Lorenzo Giovanni Amadeo Filipo (1992 - )
                                                            Maximillian Davide Timoteo Leopoldo (1994 - )

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