Wanted: Royal Princess Shock and Awe
A girl, a shoe, a prince.

To be Cinderella. Ahh. A beautiful golden dress sparkling with jewels. The prettiest glass slippers on the feet. A handsome Prince
Charming at the royal ball. A romantic dance and kiss and proposal of marriage. A horse-drawn carriage to take them on the
honeymoon. Every girl’s dream.

Maybe, every boy’s dream, too. Giamattista Basile, born in 1575 to a Neapolitan middle-class family, was a courtier and soldier to
various Italian princes, spent much time in the court of the nobles of the Kingdom of Naples, reached the rank of “Count” Conte
di Torrone, but is chiefly remembered for writing his Neapolitan fairytales, like Cinderella.


One day, a special invitation from the royal palace arrives at Cinderella’s home, inviting her three (ugly) step-sisters to the King’s
grand ball hosted by his only son, a truly handsome prince. On the day of the ball, Cinderella, in an old dress, must assist the three
sisters by fixing their hair, helping them dress in their expensive new gowns, and arranging the jewels just so. After they leave for
the palace, Cinderella sits by the fire, wishing she, too, can attend. Suddenly, a fairy godmother, silver wand in hand, appears. A
touch of the magic wand and the pumpkin becomes a golden coach, the six gray mice become six gray horses, the rat becomes a
coachman, the six lizards become six footmen, and Cinderella’s old dress becomes a golden gown sparkling with jewels and on
her feet are the prettiest pair of glass slippers. She can go to the ball, but she must remember to leave the palace before the clock
strikes twelve, her godmother warns, because at midnight, the magic ends.

Stunningly beautiful, Cinderella arrives at the ball. The Prince, captivated, asks her to dance. Refusing to dance with any other
lady there, he only has eyes for Cinderella. Cinderella is so captivated herself with Prince Charming, she forgets her fairy
godmother’s warning until it’s almost midnight and the clock begins to strike. One. Two. Three. She hurries out of the ballroom.
Four. Five. Six. As she runs down the palace steps, one of her glass slippers falls off. Seven. Eight. Nine. She darts toward the
golden coach. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Cinderella is in her old dress, the pumpkin lies at her feet, six gray mice, a whiskered rat, and
six green lizards scamper off the road. Cinderella has to walk home. By the time her step-sisters return, she sits quietly by the

Now, when Cinderella runs from the palace, the prince tries to follow her, but all he finds is her one glass slipper, and vows to
marry the beautiful girl whose foot fits this slipper. Every young lady in the realm, including the step-sisters, try to squeeze her
foot into the slipper, but the slipper doesn’t fit any of them. When the prince tries to slip the glass shoe onto Cinderella’s foot, it
fits perfectly! The fairy godmother appears unexpectedly, touches Cinderella with the wand, and Cinderella is wearing the golden
gown again. The prince asks Cinderella to marry him. They have a wonderfully happy wedding with lots of food, music, and
dancing. And of course, the prince dances every single dance with Cinderella.

Deep down, Adrianna wants to be Cinderella, too. Maximillian may be a prince of the House of Graziano, and though he sees
himself as the royal rogue, he has no desire to turn into Prince Charming and surrender his bachelorhood. Or does he? <insert
philosophical shrug> When that wand touches him…

By royal invitation, your presence is requested at the wedding of Prince Maximillian and his princess, Adrianna Danek.
                                                           House of Graziani
                                                                   of the
                                                     Principality of Mondoverde

Founded        1946

       Prince Giovanni Carmine Graziano (1911 – 1991)

         Maria Elena (Milana) Fortunato (m 1936)

      Stefano I Amadeo Filiberto Giovanni Graziano (1937 - )
   Daniela Maria (1939 - )
   Giorgio Tomaso (1941 - )

Successor to Giovanni
              Prince Stefano I Amadeo Filiberto Giovanni Graziano
                              Spouse          Alessia Alba Rosario (m 1962)
                              Children        Alessandro Constantino Tadeo Stefano Graziano (1962 - )
                                                  Milana Giorgina (1965 - )

Successor to Stefano I
              Prince Alessandro Constantino Taddeo Stefano Graziano
                              Spouse          Cristina Vittoria Fiorenza (m 1987)
                              Children        Stefano II Alberto Emmanuele Alessandro Graziano (1988 - )
                                                  Cristiano Giuseppe Isaia Carmine (1990 - )
                                                  Lorenzo Giovanni Amadeo Filipo (1992 - )
                                                  Maximillian Davide Timoteo Leopoldo (1994 - )

                         Wanted: Royal Princess Wife and Mother, Book 1
                                  Prince Stefano II and Sofia Burska

                         Wanted: Royal Princess of Convenience, Book 2
                                    Prince Cristiano and Ciara Janicki

                         Wanted: Royal Princess Miracle Bride, Book 3
                                Prince Lorenzo and Jana Landowski

                         Wanted: Royal Princess Shock and Awe, Book 4
                                Prince Maximillian and Adrianna Danek
Essential Facts:
Adrianna Danek
Age: 23
Height: 5'3"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

Adrianna Danek is a Christian Youth Network
leader invited to Mondoverde to assist in the
formation of the CYN there, a challenge she
accepts. But, she doesn't count on a certain
charming man being her biggest challenge. He's
a prince. And she's not princess material.
Essential Facts:
Maximillian Graziano
Age: 23
Height: 6'
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: seducing blue

Prince Maximillain is the incorrigible, scandalous
but charming playboy prince having way too much
fun with the ladies, young and old and everything
in between. Is there a woman who will rein in his
wild streak and fix his princely image by settling
him down in family mode?