Wanted: Royal Princess Wife and Mother
Royalty. I have to admit it. I’m fascinated with royalty. All the pomp and pageantry, the splendor and the showiness. And I
might as well admit it. I awoke at some unearthly hour to watch Lady Diana Spencer marry Charles, the Prince of Wales,
and then some three decades later, to watch their son, Prince William of Wales, marry commoner Kate Middleton. And I
guess I’d better admit, I also read a number of royal romance fiction novels, like
Cordina’s Royal Family series by Nora
Roberts and
Once Upon A Prince by Rachel Hauck, to name just a few.

So, why the fascination with kings and queens and princes and princesses? I wondered.

Does it trace back to favorite children’s books, like
Cinderella, that I read many, many times as a little girl? Is it our cult of
celebrity in today’s world prompting me to live the wonderful royal fantasy in a vicarious way? Do I find it comforting and
glamorous, on an unconscious level, to have a sort of regal role model? Is it something more ethereal, something inbred,
something I can’t quite touch and feel but lives within my spirit, something dating back to the Old Testament times when the
Hebrews demanded the prophet Samuel give them a king? Or is it simply a yearning in my soul to fulfill my destiny as a child
of the Lord God Almighty, co-heir with and sibling of the Lord Jesus Christ, the true King, which therefore makes
me…Princess Anna?

Intrigued by my thoughts and inspired by the Holy Spirit, I’ve launched into a new, and perhaps more challenging, realm of
writing, and thus the new series,
The Royal Hearts of Mondoverde is born. As far as I know, there’ll be four books in this
series, and all of them following the up-and-down royal lives of four handsome princes as they seek and find the princesses
who will rule their hearts.

Come with me to the Principality of Mondoverde where the House of Graziani reigns and rules. It’s a micronation situated in
the Adriatic Sea, where the weather is mild, the scenery beautiful, the palace takes your breath away, and four princely
heartthrobs steal your hearts. You’ll not want to leave this realm. Princess Anna decrees it. And so does Prince Stefano, the
first of the four Graziano brothers to walk down the royal aisle.

By royal invitation, your presence is requested at the wedding of Prince Stefano, Crown Prince of Mondeoverde, to his
princess, Sofia Burska.
Essential Facts:
Sofia Burska
Age: 21
Height: 5'5"
Hair: blond-bronze, chin-length, bangs
Eyes: brown

Sofia Burska is a novice journalist intent on
covering gritty, soul-stirring news...so how on
earth did she end up in some unheard of
principality with a "royal assignment" to write a
special interest story on some unheard of prince?
But when she finds he's easy on the eyes—and
heart—too easy, will she, a commoner, be able to
evade her growing feelings for him? After all,
she's not princess material.
Essential Facts:
Stefano Graziano
Age: 26
Height: 6'
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: sexy blue

Stefano Graziano, Crown Prince of
Mondoverde, and first in line to the throne, feels
the pressure from his family and the government.
He must marry and produce the mandatory heir.
Born to rein and trained from birth, he accepts his
duty. But can he find a woman willing to take him
on, embrace public life, and produce the heir? And
why is he so intrigued with the young reporter
from Canada? He doesn't even like the paparazzi.
                                                                      House of Graziani
                                                                              of the
                                                                Principality of Mondoverde

Founded        1946

       Prince Giovanni Carmine Graziano (1911 – 1991)

         Maria Elena (Milana) Fortunato (m 1936)

      Stefano I Amadeo Filiberto Giovanni Graziano (1937 - )
              Daniela Maria (1939 - )
              Giorgio Tomaso (1941 - )

Successor to Giovanni
              Prince Stefano I Amadeo Filiberto Giovanni Graziano
                                         Spouse          Alessia Alba Rosario (m 1962)
                                         Children        Alessandro Constantino Tadeo Stefano Graziano (1962 - )
                                                             Milana Giorgina (1965 - )

Successor to Stefano I
              Prince Alessandro Constantino Taddeo Stefano Graziano
                                         Spouse          Cristina Vittoria Fiorenza (m 1987)
                                         Children        Stefano II Alberto Emmanuele Alessandro Graziano (1988 - )
                                                             Cristiano Giuseppe Isaia Carmine (1990 - )
                                                             Lorenzo Giovanni Amadeo Filipo (1992 - )
                                                             Maximillian Davide Timoteo Leopoldo (1994 - )

                                    Wanted: Royal Princess Wife and Mother, Book 1
                                             Prince Stefano II and Sofia Burska

                                    Wanted: Royal Princess of Convenience, Book 2
                                               Prince Cristiano and Ciara Janicki

                                    Wanted: Royal Princess Miracle Bride, Book 3
                                           Prince Lorenzo and Jana Landowski

                                    Wanted: Royal Princess Shock and Awe, Book 4
                                           Prince Maximillian and Adrianna Danek