to encourage and entertain
Anna Dynowski
Love Never Fails
Window into Anna's World
Once upon a time, the heroine, a
daughter named Anna Caldarelli,
bookended by one older brother
and two younger ones, was born
to Italian immigrants in Toronto.
January 1, 1959
The young lady seemed most impatient to break
free from her father's hands and show the world
she can walk—by herself. 1960
Hardwork, determination, and a quick mind
hurried her along the path to graduation.
June, 1977
The hero, Henry Dynowski, came riding on his white horse (actually,
a red Toyota stationwagon) and swept the heroine off to their first
home after honeymooning in Wasaga Beach.
September 8, 1984.
The hero and heroine's first home (for two years)
turned out to be an empty apartment on the fourth
floor of a low rise building. 1984
But have no fear, because in 1986, they turned their second
home, a semi-detached bungalow, into their
happily-ever-after house. 2005
In her home office, the heroine, after booting up her
muse with lots of coffee and chocolates to stimulate the
storytelling, is hard at work. 2005
The stimulation is a success with the publishing
of her first book,
Full Circle. November, 2005
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